Maritime D-Star Reflector

VK3LDR of defines reflectors as such:

A reflector can be considered to be similar to a repeater, but with no RF capabilities. Reflectors are Internet connected servers, generally in datacentres, which receive a transmission from a connected gateway (via the Internet) and send it out to all other connected gateways for retransmission, via RF in the case of a repeater. The term gateway is used in the broader sense, which includes devices such as dongles and DVAPs.

Reflectors are basically a conference bridge for D-Star. They allow multiple D-Star repeaters and Dongle users, from around the world, to be joined together and whatever information is transmitted across one of the repeaters is repeated across all of the connected repeaters.

Reflectors are often set up for the purpose of regional communications, not usually in any technically enforced way, but rather as a designation of purpose.  For example, there are reflectors for Ontario, there are a cluster of reflectors linked together in the mid-Atlantic region of the US and so on.

At the time I write this there are only 5 D-Star repeaters in the Maritimes (3 in PEI and 2 in NS) but there are many D-Star users in the region, many of whom use “dongles” or “hotspots” to access the wider D-Star network.  But until now there was no regional reflector to link Maritimers.  Now there is.  AVARC is hosting the Maritime D-Star Reflector.

This reflector has been added to the X Reflector host list (will be in the next published version after 16 July 2017) which can be found here or here. Or if you prefer to edit your host file manually then add the following:


The dashboard can also be found at  Currently there are 3 modules available.  Module A is linked to international reflectors.  Module B is linked to Canadian reflectors.  Module C is the regional Maritimes reflector.  If/when other Maritimes reflectors are created by other groups, AVARC will request to link with them. Module D is not enabled at this time but there are experimental D-Star/DMR/YSF crosslink reflectors that we will be linking to in the future.

Over time this reflector will grow with more linking of international and national peers.  But more importantly it is hoped that Maritime D-Star users will make it their “home port” on the wider network of D-Star reflectors.

UPDATE: Module D is active with a crosslink to the Ontario C4FM group and DMR Brandmeister TG 3023.