Margaretsville Light Activation September 2016

Hello everyone

Our first lighthouse activation went very well! Ten AVARC members showed up at the Margaretsville Light, and we quickly erected two 24-foot masts that supported dipoles for 20m and 30m, and a 33-foot vertical antenna for 40m. Several people also brought along their own portable stations with mag-mount antennas for the HF bands, and in short order we had 5 transmitters operational.


Unfortunately, propagation sucked today! Despite that however, we made several dozen phone, CW and digital QSOs. We worked a number of US states, including a few hard-to-get ones like Nebraska. We also received excellent signal reports into Europe, and worked Ireland, England, France, Austria, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Not bad for dipoles a few meters off the ground!

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to schedule another lighthouse activation before the winter hits, but we’ll definitely be doing this again!


Activation of the Margaretsville Light Sep 2016

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