AVARC Field Day 2018

Hello everyone,

Well, the snow is gone, and the days are getting both warmer and longer, so it’s time to start thinking about Field Day!

Field Day 2018 will take place on the weekend of 23 – 24 June.  This year AVARC will conduct a joint Field Day with the Kings County Amateur Radio Club (KCARC).  With the resources of both clubs available for the event, we should be able to properly man all stations for the weekend.  More importantly, a joint Field Day will promote cooperation between the two clubs, something that will pay dividends should Amateurs be called upon to provide communications in an emergency.

AVARC will provide a complete HF station, as well as a VHF/satellite station.  The location is the sports field near the water tank off Collins Road in Port Williams.  Details are yet to be worked out, but be sure to mark 23 – 24 June in your calendars!


Field Day 2016 Results Published

Hello everyone,

The Field Day results have been published, and it looks like The Annapolis Valley Amateur Radio Club did very well!  Our score was 2276 points, placing us fifth overall in the ARRL Maritime Section. We actually had the second highest number of participants, and the third greatest number of QSOs – Well Done!

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Field Day 2016 Wrap Up

Hello everyone,

Well, that was one heck of an excellent weekend! Thanks so much to all those who participated and assisted in making Field Day 2016 a huge success!

We had two objectives for Field Day. The first was to practice those skills necessary to operate in an emergency – deploy to a remote location, set up effective stations without relying on commercial power, and make QSOs in an efficient manner. The second was to have a fun and interesting weekend. I can safely say that BOTH these objectives were met quite handily!

The setup crew started at 0830, and by noon had two towers in the air, complete with triband Yagis and inverted V antennas. The tents were easily set up, and by 1500 we had two stations in operation and a field galley set up. The logging software worked well, and our local network had very strong signals, thanks to our helical antennas – we probably could have separated our stations by 2 km and still maintained the network!


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Amateur Radio Field Day in Port George a Fun Way to Learn, Prepare for Emergencies

CB (citizens band) radio became popular in the early 1970s and Penney and his father got their licences at that time. A couple years later, Penney and his father took an amateur radio course offered by the federal Department of Communications, now Industry Canada, and were licenced in 1977. Continue reading

2016 ARRL Field Day is June 25-26

Just a reminder to mark the weekend of 25/26 June in your calendar – that’s Field Day weekend! Planning is well underway for this year’s event. We will have a 2A setup (two HF stations) plus a Get On The Air (GOTA) station for new or inexperienced Amateurs.

The location will be the same as last year – the Cottage Cove Picnic Park. This is an outstanding location for propagation, with a clear shot to the rest of North America over a salt water groundplane. Some good news – the GOTA station will have MUCH better antennas this year, so making contacts will be a whole lot easier! More good news – no more heavy and hard-to-assemble modular tents! Instead, we’ll use lighter tents that can be erected in a few moments. One of our stations will even operate from a trailer specifically modified for communications use.

We will be posting more detailed information as Field Day approaches. We still need volunteers to coordinate some aspects of the event, so if you would like to help please contact me. See you at Field Day!