Who We Are

The Annapolis Valley Amateur Radio Club (AVARC) is an informal association of Hams.  We have no constitution, bylaws, membership dues, or even regular meetings at present.  Instead, we keep members up to date on developments and news of interest through our website and Facebook page, and periodically gather to participate in club activities such as Field Day, or to assist members.  Although it is primarily for Amateurs in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, membership is open to anyone interested in the art, science and magic of radio.

Among other topics, we promote DX’ing, contesting, weak signal VHF, digital modes, and public service.   Education is one of our primary concerns, both to expand our own knowledge and to help those who want to become Amateurs.  We have dedicated a section of our web page to a series of presentations covering the entire Basic Qualification curriculum.  Additional presentations on different aspects of Ham Radio will be added in due time.

We are also very conscious of the valuable role that Amateurs can play in times of emergency.  To that end we emphasize our ability to set up portable stations such as during Field Day, and developing the skills to pass information in a crisp, efficient and professional manner.  We believe that there is far more to Amateur Radio than just Two Meter FM repeaters, and we have no desire to become yet another geriatric armchair repeater club!

If you would like to be added to our e-mail list, or if you want to become an Amateur Radio operator, please use the “Contact Us” tab.  Alternatively, you can join us on Facebook.  Look for “Annapolis Valley Amateur Radio Club“.