2018 Field Day Results

The 2018 Field Day results have been published.  The combined Kings County / Annapolis Valley ARC entry was NUMBER ONE in all of Canada in any category, with 1892 QSOs and a score of 6448!  Overall we were 131 of 2902 participants.

These are excellent results, and clearly show the benefits of two clubs working together to provide emergency communications support.   Well done to all those who took part!


2 thoughts on “2018 Field Day Results

  1. Hi,
    Your contact form on this site isn’t working, so I’ll post my question here:


    I am interested in trying to contact any HAM’s (VE1’s) in NS from here in Southern Arizona (DM41vk grid).
    My father (Rod Nichols) was an Advanced Amateur in the Annapolis Valley (VE1 AYP) but is now silent keys.
    I was wondering what frequencies are common in your area on HF (20, 40, 80 meters)
    I have a US General Class license, so my operating band may be somewhat different than yours.


    Mark Nichols

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