RAC Basic Qualification Amateur Radio Course: Summer 2023

Registration for the RAC Basic Summer 2023 is now underway!

Radio Amateurs of Canada is once again offering an online Amateur Radio course so that individuals from all across Canada can obtain their Amateur Radio Operator Certificate with Basic Qualification.

Visit the RAC website for course information.

5 thoughts on “RAC Basic Qualification Amateur Radio Course: Summer 2023

    • Hi Lyse,
      The next course will start on Sunday 26 September. Registration should open in a few days. If you would like, I’ll add you to the waitlist and send you an e-mail when registration opens.
      The course is conducted completely online using Zoom. Exams can also be conducted online. Lessons are held Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, and are recorded, so people can stay current even if they have to miss class occasionally. The cost of the course is $50.00, payable through Radio Amateurs of/du Canada (RAC) when you register. The format/procedures to write the exam will be covered in the first lesson.

      The recommended study guide for the course is the 9th edition of the Basic Qualification Study Guide by Coax Publications. You can get it directly from the publisher: https://www.coaxpublications.ca/, or you may find it easier to get it from Radioworld in Toronto, https://www.radioworld.ca/ , or GPS Central in Calgary, https://www.gpscentral.ca/

      We have offered the course 10 times since 2020, and more than 1820 people have taken it. I hope that you can join us in September.

      Al Penney
      VO1NO / VA1AVR

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