New Bi-Directional iGate

I’ve set up a bi-directional APRS IGate in the Kingston area and it is now “live”. While there is an existing IGate, it is RF to IS only, limiting APRS usage in the area to just position reporting. Mine will give APRS users within RF range of the VE1ARC digipeater full two-way messaging capability. SMS or email to/from your radio. Query the IGate for local services/businesses (I will have to add many more than I have so far, that will be ongoing).

(G4A03) Split Mode Ops

Suppose you’re dialing across the 20-meter band one fine sunny afternoon and you hear a station calling from Mauritius, an island off the east coast of Madagascar.  What a DX catch that would be!  But after hearing the snippet of the station operator’s call followed by “QRZ,” your receiver gets blasted with a pile of strong, local transmissions, all in response to the Mauritius call.  And some of the US stations go on and on for many seconds, striving annoyingly to make their call signs heard to Mr. Mauritius, the highly desired, rare DX contact.  As a result of the cacophony of strong-signal responses in the US, no one was able to hear the relatively weak signal of Mr. Mauritius responding with one particular station ID that he desired for a contact. Everybody loses because of this operational inefficiency – even though contacts will be made within the chaos, a greater number of contacts could be achieved in the same time with smarter ops.